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kyla erlandson

Women Rising

empowerment | self transformation | breath work

Experience the Guidance of Breath Work 

I mentor modern 

women to claim

their personal power

Breath Work

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kyla erlandson

Have clarity
& achieve
self trust

Change the way you live in your body

I see you,
I hear you

Have the love
You desire

I Hear
       Your Love

“I am so grateful for Kyla’s support. She has created a space where I have felt safe to share my fears, guilt and shame without judgment. What’s more important is that she has supported me to move through negative emotions into a place of love and joy by helping me change my perception and giving me tools that I can use outside of my sessions to keep moving forward. I can honestly say that working with Kyla has been life changing and I know that things would look very different for me if I didn’t give myself the gift of her support. ”


“I knew from the moment I met Kyla that she would be in my life in some way 💕 her soft and welcoming way ... her warm
And caring personality .. her healing abilities. She has helped me in many ways and taught me to find the joy in each and every moment. Thank you Kyla ... I am blessed 💕💕”


“Working with Kyla has been a godsend! Couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I needed some deep healing and help in different areas of my life and Kyla has such a beautiful way of helping you work through some tough things. Kyla has helped me see things in myself that I never would have noticed. I love that the work she does is like counselling, but different. More tuned in to the core issues on a spiritual level and using breathwork to heal. I cannot recommend Kyla enough to anyone who is searching for some more understanding, growth, confidence and realization that something larger is out there for them. Kindness, compassion, understanding and love are all characteristics of Kyla. I feel so lucky to know and work with her 💕”


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Bringing Yourself Back to You
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