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She's here.

She's been here all along.

It's time to awaken the power of your divine feminine.

There's something stirring within you.

You're probably already familiar with the nudge, the whisper, the pull, that intuitive force that's been guiding you all along.

It's time to listen to her.

This is the call to your inner liberation.

This is the path to your awakening.

She's here.

She's been here all along.

It's time to awaken the power of your divine feminine.

There's something stirring within you.

You're probably already familiar with the nudge, the whisper, the pull, that intuitive force that's been guiding you all along.

It's time to listen to her.

This is the call to your inner liberation.

This is the path to your awakening.

Waking Her is a transformational 6 week immersion with a very clear goal: to awaken the power of your divine feminine & connect you to your highest self.  We'll awaken the deepest parts of your soul so that individually, and together as a community, real & lasting change can be felt & embodied.

This is a community where we come together, hand in hand, to create a sacred space for us to get real with ourselves: our stories, our pain, our strengths, our emotions, and who we are as a whole.

This is an opportunity and a calling for you to shift from scarcity & limitation to fulfillment, abundance, & acceptance, in a way that honours you, your unique path, and your essence.

Through deep spiritual work, breathwork practices, & guided meditation, we'll awaken your spirit & liberate your highest self so you can fully embody the woman you were meant to be.


Spiritual Transformational Coach & Breath Work Practitioner, Kyla Erlandson creates transformational experiences for powerful women who desire to live a more conscious, fulfilled life.


Her focus is to guide women back to themselves by building self trust, self love, and self acceptance so that they can live at their highest potential & experience the life and relationships they desire.

Kyla's work was inspired by her own awakening 18 years ago and has since integrated her extensive training in various teachings and modalities in her one on one coaching, group programs, speaking events, workshops, and intensive healing trainings.

It is her lifelong commitment to continue her own growth so that she can serve others for the highest good of all. She’s here to help you change your perception, love yourself & claim your personal power.

Who will you have become in the next 6 weeks?


What level of awareness will you call in as you create your dream life?

What action will you take - and how will it be made even more magical with the tools and practices you've learned with us?

How will your experience of who you are be as you uncover the Stories that held you back, work through your guilt, lean into forgiveness, and go deeper into your healing?

What will you be liberated from as you give yourself permission to be fully expressed?

Unleash the Woman you were meant to be

If you feel like you were made for more, this is for you.

This is for you if...

  • You do not shy away from deep inner work

  • You are ready to face the past & learn how old wounds are affecting your present

  • Creating harmony, light, and fulfillment in your life is a high priority

  • You do not want to compromise yourself

  • You're ready to stop putting yourself last on the priority list

  • You know your dream life is waiting for you, and you're committed to making it happen

  • You desire a sacred community of like-minded women to walk alongside you as we journey through this path together.

Working with Kyla has truly been life-changing. She is such a beautiful human with so much intuition, wisdom, and compassion. She has provided a loving, safe place to be vulnerable, heal and find my inner peace and joy again. Kyla’s coaching and breathwork peels back layers you didn’t even know you had, allowing for release of ingrained belief systems. I am so grateful for Kyla and that I chose to give myself the gift of her mentorship.

Kyla has helped me see things in myself that I never would have noticed. I love that the work she does is like counselling, but different. Her work is more tuned in to the core issues on a spiritual level and using breathwork to heal. I cannot recommend Kyla enough to anyone who is searching for some more understanding, growth, confidence and realization that something larger is out there for them.

Your soul is calling... and we're diving in deep, together.


What You'll Receive During Waking Her

  • 6 Recorded Trainings, plus weekly live calls as a group

  • The power and synergy of group work

  • Guided meditations to take you into your healing journey

  • Breathwork session (valued at $250)

  • Practical tools, worksheets, and exercises you can integrate for life

  • Connection and community with an intimate and powerful group of women on a similar path


To guide you through the most impactful and transformational experience, this immersion together has been purposefully and beautiful designed using various tools, techniques, and practices for you to intentionally walk-through as you connect deeper to who you are.


Feelings are a part of our collective human experience, but how often do you ignore them, label them with negativity, or dismiss them? We'll learn how to navigate the way through all your emotions using tools that honour and empower you. This is the permission slip you weren't aware that you needed and all roads lead to loving who you are.


Become unstuck and connected as you learn tangible and practical tools to integrate into a daily practice that will welcome in harmony and flow in a way you haven't experienced before. We'll explore your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions as an invitation for you to embody more of these qualities ourselves - from a place of curiosity and receptivity.


Nobody is immune to uncomfortable emotions: guilt, shame, grief, blame, judgment, anger, resentment. This is where the shadow work begins, alongside the subtle but potent integration of self-responsibility and forgiveness. We'll enter into deep contemplation with the intention of calling in freedom with practices that take you within.

This is the bridge from fear to love.


We play, we dance, we connect with and embody our inner child and invoke joy as we move towards our most authentic self. This is where your highest self lives, and she's waiting for you to welcome her with opens arms.


Discover the missing link to manifest and create the life you've only ever dreamt of. Now that we've walked through the groundwork of who you are, now I give you the codes that I've been years refining as you dance in the world of possibility and wonder.


Let’s wrap everything up by looking at how our cellular makeup, family patterns & belief systems, conditioning & programming have created the lens through which we see the world. We’ll identify how becoming more conscious can lead to liberation by creating awareness through self actualization.


Sustainable transformation happens in the body at a cellular level. Together, we'll use the method of Conscious Connected Breathing to solidify and anchor in a new belief system, and new way of being as you've now stepped into the newly integrated and embodied version of you. 

Kyla is an empath with incredible intuition.  Her approach is direct, but gentle.  In my journey of self empowerment, Kyla has been a healer in more ways than I ever imagined. Kyla helped me navigate my feelings and sparked my personal power in a way that transcended my life.  I know that I wouldn’t be surrounded with the love and abundance I’ve created, had I not given myself the gift of her support.  She has helped me to love and trust myself. 



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